D-Peg Plus

D-Peg Plus is the first & only brand in India to combine Polyethylene glycol and Electrolytes (Iso-osmotic laxative) along with Sodium Picosulfate (Stimulant laxative).

D-Peg Plus is the right choice for the treatment of Severe Constipation with Slow Colonic Motility.

Polyethylene glycol and Electrolytes in D-Peg Plus effectively softens the stool. Sodium Picosulfate in D-Peg Plus increases colonic motility. Thereby D-Peg Plus provides rapid relief from severe constipation.

D-Peg Plus is available as concentrate solution, to be diluted with water before consumption. D-Peg Plus comes in delicious Pineapple flavour, tasty & easy to drink.