HA 230 for Drug Overdose

HA 230 for Drug Overdose & Poisoning

HA 230 with neutral macroporous resin sorbents, efficiently adsorbs toxins in blood and relieves symptoms of acute poisoning. Clinical practice evidences prove an ideal efficacy of HA 230 in drug overdose and poisoning caused by fat soluble poison or toxicants that are easily combined with plasma protein.

Comparing to conventional charcoal based hemoperfusion cartridges, HA 230 is more effective and specific. HA 230 has better biocompatibility and much safer.

Comparing to standard medical treatment alone, combining it with HA 230 quickly and effectively adsorbs toxins in blood, avoids organ damage, saves rescue time, faster and better clinical outcome as well as reduced hospital stay.

HA 230 is widely used to greatly improve the success rate of emergency poisoning like Pesticide Poisoning (organophosphorous poisoning), Herbicide Poisoning (Paraquat Poisoning), Rodenticide Poisoning, Biotoxins like snake venom,  mushroom poisoning etc., Industrial Poisoning, Drugs over dose (sedatives, hypnotics, cardiovascular drugs like digitoxin, quinidine, procainamide etc.).

Early and adequate blood perfusion treatments with HA 230 are suggested once poisoned with drugs, within 2-4 hours; If there are any other conditions, combining hemoperfusion with other blood purification methods such as dialysis, CRRT treatment, may provide better effect.

Simple and convenient operation on any blood purification machine