OCTOMESH – Freedom Ventral Hernia Repair

OCTOMESH – Freedom Ventral Hernia Repair

Delvin Specialities, a flagship division of Delvin Conglomerate joined hands with Insightra Medical, United States, innovator of IP protected novel medical devices and markets OCTOMESH-Freedom Ventral Hernia Repair in India.


OCTOMESH Freedom Ventral Hernia Repair implant is specially designed for open ventral hernia repair. Octomesh comes with unique design, proprietary technology and provides fixation-free placement.

Octomesh is a synthetic polypropylene implant with eight securement straps and has a unique delivery device (Strap Passer) that enables placement during open ventral hernia surgery. The device is used to perform a “tension-free” repair of ventral hernia. It is placed as a sublay mesh. It can be placed above the peritoneum or above the retrorectus fascia.

Key Benefits of Octomesh are:

Fixation Free: Flat mesh component of Octomesh covers the hernia defect plus eight securement straps that hold the mesh in place. The straps secure the implant using normal tissue friction without the need for static fixation by sutures or tacks. This method allows elastic property of mesh to absorb transient load in dynamic way. No possibility for rupture with Octomesh, unlike meshes with suturing which creates fixed point of anchorage and any load placed on these meshes can cause these fixed points to rupture.

Broad overlap: By using a tunneling needle (Strap Passer), the most extreme edges of abdomen can be reached & strap placement at these locations is easy. Straps pull the body of mesh to extremes of abdomen. Large mesh can be used easily with smaller incision.

Less or No Recurrence: Less chance for mesh shift due to broad repair and low risk of recurrence.

Fixation Free & Suture Free: Reduced risk of acute and chronic post-op pain, which is common with meshes using fixation & suture/tacks.

Smaller incision for mesh placement: Less Scarring, Less seroma & infection possibilities.

Octomesh dramatically shortens procedure time.

Octomesh has less post-op complications and more patient comfort.