PROFLOR – Freedom Inguinal Hernia Repair

PROFLOR- Freedom Inguinal Hernia Repair

Delvin Specialities, a flagship division of Delvin Conglomerate joined hands with Insightra Medical, United States, innovator of IP protected novel medical devices and markets PROFLOR-Freedom Inguinal Hernia Repair in India.

PROFLOR IS The world’s first dynamic implant for inguinal hernia repair.

WITH PROFLOR, No Sutures. No Tacks. Tension-Free to fixation-free.

PROFLOR Freedom Inguinal Hernia Repair implant is specially designed for open inguinal hernia repair. Proflor comes with unique design and proprietary technology.

Proflor is a polypropylene implant comprising of dynamic core and preperitoneal disk, designed to provide fixation-free placement, allowing regrowth of healthy tissue.

Dynamic core of Proflor occupies the defect and Preperitoneal disk placed in the preperitoneal space, protects the repair and stabilizes the device.

Key Benefits of Proflor are:

100% Fixation Free: Proflor is designed to self grip in the defect without point fixation. Loaded under tension to induce lateral grip. Soft petal edges to allow more muscle grip. Textured ribs to increase friction. Floating core acts as buffer to stop expulsion. Preperitoneal stabilization disk.

Petal structure of Proflor accommodates and protects spermatic cord.

With fixation free advantage, Proflor works in hormony with surrounding dynamic structures to respect the physiology of groin.

Suture Free: Acute and chronic post-operative pain has been associated with open inguinal hernia repair, with Reinpold et al reporting a 16.5% incidence of chronic pain 6 months after surgical repair. Point fixation and onlay meshes are the main causes for chronic pain after open inguinal hernia repair surgeries.

Proflor eliminates point fixation, with no suturing, reduces incidence of post operative pain and improves comfort.

Promotes healthy tissue in-growth: Conventional meshes/plugs depend on growth of scar plate induced by the mesh, to reinforce the groin. And fixed meshes are not designed to mimic physiologic movement of groin. As a result, scar formation is avascular, fibrotic, dehydrated, thin & shrinks by up to 30%.

Whereas unique design and proprietary technology of Proflor actively induces a living thick tissue barrier, not a scar plate.

Less or No recurrence: Unique design of proflor ensures tissue regeneration (soft & well vascularized tissue) and helps definitive oblitration of defect.  Avoids shrinkage. Hence, low risk of recurrence.

Proflor dramatically shortens procedure time.

Proflor has less post-op complications and more patient comfort.