Synkroscaff – Tissue Engineered Bovine…

Synkroscaff – Tissue Engineered Bovine Pericardial Patch

Delvin Specialities, a flagship division of Delvin Conglomerate joined hands with Synkromax, an emerging ISO 9001:2015 certified Biotechnology Company and markets Synkroscaff in India.

Synkroscaff is the world’s first Glutaraldehyde Free Bovine Pericardial Patch, researched and developed by Indian doctor as well as researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai.

Synkroscaff has been awarded Prestigious “Innovative Biotechnological Invention Award” by President of India in 2018, recognizing its contribution in fulfilling the unmet need in surgical anatomical repair of soft tissue defects/injuries using indigenous technology & its commercialization.

Synkroscaff is the Glutaraldehyde Free BP Patch. Glutaraldehyde is not used neither in process nor in storage – Zero Cytotoxicity.

Being a completely acellular, tissue engineered & Glutaraldehyde free bovine pericardial patch with complete viral inactivation, Synkroscaff has Zero antigenicity, Zero calcification and Zero thrombogenicity.

Synkroscaff is not plasma treated. Hence, bioactivity & cell adhesion is possible. Ensures optimal tissue ingrowth & integration to the host tissue.

Synkroscaff is Ultra thin & Flexible – Suturability is easier.

Synkroscaff comes with 18 Mega Pascal tensile strength; Burst strength of 64K Pascal i.e., double the strength of Glutaraldehyde treated patches.

Synkroscaff saves time and provides ease of operation.

Synkroscaff is available in 3 sizes – 4 X 4cm; 6 X 6cm; 8 X 8cm; can choose the size according to the need & eliminates the need for reusability, unlike other Glutaraldehyde treated BP patches which are available in single size.

Synkroscaff is a well preserved extra cellular matrix, with strong and exceptional features.