Delvin Specialities

Delvin Specialities is a flagship division of Delvin Conglomerate focusing on introducing patented, indigenous and unique medical devices as well as innovative formulations in India for key super speciality segments.


Delvin Specialities joined hands with, Jafron – world’s largest adsorption column manufacturer, Insightra – inventors of suture free hernia repair implants and Synkromax – developers of world’s first Glutaraldehyde free tissue engineered Bovine Pericardial Patch, and introduces first of its kind devices to fulfill the unmet need of patients in India.


Also, Delvin Specialities, through its own Formulation Research and Development as well as Manufacturing facility known as Saimirra Innopharm, introduces innovative & first time in India formulations and aimed to make formulations of international standard accessible to Indians.


Endoview is a pre-endoscopic drink specially developed for enhancing mucosal visibility i

  Coloprep is a class apart colon cleansing preparation. Coloprep is the first &

Alcomax IV Injection Alcomax IV Injection is the first and only brand in India to provide

Alcomax Tablet Alcomax Tablet is the first & only brand in India to provide high dose of o

  D-Peg Plus is the first & only brand in India to combine Polyethylene glycol and El


Hemoperfusion Cartridges Introduction In clinical settings, blood purification techniques

HA 130 FOR ESRD Studies have shown that the occurrence of mid- and long term uremic compli

HA 230 for Drug Overdose & Poisoning HA 230 with neutral macroporous resin sorbents, e

HA 330 for Critical Diseases Sepsis, Severe Acute Pancreatitis, Cardiac Surgery, Severe Bu

HA 330-II & BS 330 for Liver Disease Acute Liver Failure (ALF) was defined as rapid de

JF-800A Hemoperfusion Machine For hospitals and clinical set ups (ICU & emergency unit