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>> Vit – Imune’19 -Immunity Tablets >> Price Rs. 1490 >> 1 Box – 10 X

Hand Sanitizer For All Use Get Quote IPA (Iso Propyl Alcohol) 70% – ( 500 ml ) , 100ml,

Novir – 5 Disinfectant Solution Get Quote

Novir – L Disinfectant Solution Get Quote

 Disinfectant Sprayer Get Quote >> Specification Tank Capacity: 16 Ltrs Tank Materi

IR Thermometer Get Quote

N95 Mask Get Quote

Nitrile Gloves Get Quote

Safety Glasses – 2 Get Quote

Safety Glasses – 1 Get Quote

Face Shield Get Quote

Sanitizer Dispenser Get Quote Leg Press Action No need of electricity Durable and portable

PPE Kit Get Quote >> PPE Kit contains: Full body cover all with Hood – 1 Head to nec

50 Ply Mask Get Quote >> Masks are made from SMS material >> Comfortable to we

Hemoperfusion Cartridges Introduction In clinical settings, blood purification techniques

HA 130 FOR ESRD Studies have shown that the occurrence of mid- and long term uremic compli

HA 230 for Drug Overdose & Poisoning HA 230 with neutral macroporous resin sorbents, e

HA 330 for Critical Diseases Sepsis, Severe Acute Pancreatitis, Cardiac Surgery, Severe Bu

HA 330-II & BS 330 for Liver Disease Acute Liver Failure (ALF) was defined as rapid de

JF-800A Hemoperfusion Machine For hospitals and clinical set ups (ICU & emergency unit

  Coloprep is a class apart colon cleansing preparation. Coloprep is the first &

Alcomax IV Injection Alcomax IV Injection is the first and only brand in India to provide

OCTOMESH – Freedom Ventral Hernia Repair Delvin Specialities, a flagship division of Delvi

Alcomax Tablet Alcomax Tablet is the first & only brand in India to provide high dose of o

PROFLOR- Freedom Inguinal Hernia Repair Delvin Specialities, a flagship division of Delvi

Synkroscaff – Tissue Engineered Bovine Pericardial Patch Delvin Specialities, a flagship d

D-Peg provides Polyethylene glycol and Electrolytes (Iso-osmotic laxative) as concentrate

  D-Peg Plus is the first & only brand in India to combine Polyethylene glycol and El

Nifedip-LA cream combines Nifedipine 0.3% with Lidocaine 1.5%. It’s a topical cream indi

B-Active All Essential B-vitamins in biologically active form. A balanced nutritional prod

B-Active Liquid All Essential B-vitamins in biologically active form with vitamin D3. B-Ac

Densaid Topical Densaid Topical is a unique product from the house of Delvin to treat Join

Densaid MR Densaid MR relieves pain as well as muscle spasm. The unique formulation uses u

Densaid QA Densaid QA relieves unbearable pain due to Migraine. Densaid QA is developed wi

Emefilm Emefilm offers instant relief from emesis. The product is available as unique oral

Catchnil Catchnil treat all types of muscle catch. A unique formulation developed by Delvi

T-Film T-Film contains Tadalafil. The benefit of Tadalafil along with convenience and comp

S-Film S-Film powers the man against erectile dysfunction. S-Film with Sildenafil availabl

Livapt Livapt offers the right nutrient at right dose for treating chronic liver diseases.

Headz Up Women Headz Up Women is a tailor made product to prevent hair fall and greying. H

Headz Up Men Headz Up is a novel hair fall therapy for Men. Headz Up Men is a combination